Im Still Deciding on Purchasing

Sometimes people are not sure if they can commit to home ownership or may have credit and/or down payment issues that prevent an immediate purchase. We get it!

Our real estate services are offered to these lease option to purchase candidates as well. We can assist by emailing you lease option inventory, in real time, as it appears on the market. Once you see a few emailed properties, or one in particular that interests you, call us and make an appointment to view the property(s). We will meet at the first property and then travel onward from there.

In order to get started, please click on the "Lease Option Search Now" button located at the end of this paragraph and fill in the short questionnaire. We will then compile your answers into our database and email you the properties that fit your desired description.

Please Note: Lease option clients must intend to exercise their purchase options within a three year period of beginning their lease with the seller/landlord. To make lease options business practical, since it may be years prior to the agent receiving any commission, a reasonable service charge is collected prior to starting work on lease options. This service charge is accompanied by a contract guaranteeing clients services in very specific terms (ensuring that you will be receiving the service that you pay for).

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