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*The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has statistically proven that Sellers who hire licensed Realtors to list their properties receive, on average, 12-18% greater return into their pockets (this figure dwarfs common Realtor fees), have their properties listed for significantly less time on the market, and have consistently stated that by using a Realtor they had more free time during their sales and had far fewer hassles to attend to. It's a no brainer folks, hire us, we're worth it in time savings, we're worth it in stress savings, and we're worth it in money in your pocket!*

When we represent Sellers, our role is far different than when we represent Buyers as, in fact, in many aspects; it's actually just the opposite in strategy. Instead of finding the deals everyone else hasn't already found and acquiring them for less than the going market price with the best contract terms for our Buying client, our goal for my Seller clients (based on my clients' guidance) is to ensure as many potential Buyers as possible know about their available property, that only serious Buyers are offering on their property, and that they receive top dollar and best contract terms within the shortest amount of time with the least amount of hassles to them when we do acquire a solid Buyer for their property.

The first item of business we like to conduct when representing Sellers, just as Buyer clients, is to conduct an initial consultation with all of the potential Sellers simultaneously. Together, in person, we will brainstorm and discuss the services we can provide, what to expect throughout the sale, and answer any questions the potential Sellers may have about the potential sale of their property. We want to encourage a potential Seller or Sellers (Don't forget your spouse or business partner), meaning everyone on the title and the loan of the property, to ask themselves a series of questions to get started. This will help us overcome the first hurdle in selling their real estate is that Sellers often feel their property is worth more than it actually is, whether because they are unaware of the current market or they have become emotionally attached to their property and overvalue certain aspects, possibly so much that they actually are not motivated to sell at all. Once we have overcome this hurdle, we will then discuss the current market, who your property's target audience of potential Buyers are, what is the length of time your property needs to be sold in, how much your property should be listed for, why it is listed for this price, and what, you, as the Seller, can do to assist in the sale.

To help potential Sellers answer these types of questions, after our initial consultation, upon request, we will physically take these potential Sellers out to look at comparable properties in their property's area that are already under contract, have recently sold, or are currently on the market and are now providing direct competition to their property's sale, in order to truly provide my future client(s) with the best possible service and guidance. Keep in mind that most people, by nature, will look at numerous items of the same attributes before purchasing one of them. To combat this human quality and make your property stick out, ensuring the potential Buyers who may be interested in your property become serious Buyers, who are only interested in your property, allowing the Seller to complete their goal of transferring ownership of their property, it's important that we do not rush this preliminary brainstorming step which will allow us to properly price your property to be sold in the timeline you are looking for as most properties, historically, acquire their Buyer within the first 45 days on the market making this timeline crucial to spark interest in a sale. Based on our experience, we can help you answer why your select pool of Buyers would pick your property over a similar competing property and ensure this timeline is met and the window of opportunity for sale succeeds.

Once you have decided to list your property with us, we will again meet together formally to fill out the appropriate paperwork to list your property and complete the transition from you being my customer to becoming our client. Once this formal transformation is complete, there are many services we, now as your agent, will offer you and each of these services will be handpicked or omitted by you at that time. Examples of some of the services we offer are:

  • Placing a very noticeable sign on your property
  • Offering potential Buyers 24-hour instant information and custom flyers about your property
  • Marketing your property on the Real Estate Multiple Listing Service, a service viewed by thousands of Real Estate Agents
  • Posting your property on www.Realtor.com and other popular websites, these marketing websites are viewed by millions of potential Buyers
  • Ensuring your property is in the best possible condition to view for potential Buyers
  • Conducting open houses on your property to physically bring potential Buyers through your property to see, hear, touch, smell, taste (I bring refreshments), and tell others about your property
  • Distributing your listing throughout my local network of ready and waiting Buyers and various other mediums.

As you can see by viewing the list of services we provide and the detailed structure in which we operate under, we will work hard to sell your real estate and communicate with you throughout your entire transaction to best accomplish your Selling goals. The best compliment you can give us is a referral. We want to assure you that Realtors are not all the same, our service is top notch, and we want to become YOUR agent now!

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