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Henderson Nevada Real Estate & Homes For Rent or Lease

Our real estate services are offered, free of charge, to perspective renters as well. If you are interested in renting, We can help by emailing you rental inventory, in real time, as it appears on the market.

Las Vegas Residential Real Estate For Rent or Lease

Once you see a few emailed properties, or one in particular that interests you, call us and make an appointment to view the property(s). In order to get started, please click on the rental search now button located at the end of this blog, fill in the short questionnaire, and send us the criteria you'd like us to search for. We will then compile your answers into my database and email you directly the properties that fit your desired description.

Henderson Nevada Residential Real Estate For Rent or Lease

There are some great benefits by using this service; no viewing hassles, no scams, no Craigslist foreclosures, and no landlords that aren't run through an accredited agency and who will actually fix items if they break.

Please Note: very few Realtors offer rental viewing services and even fewer Realtors offer them for free, due to the lack of it being financially worthwhile to their business, as the Realtor is only paid a small amount by the Landlord's agency only well after successful placing of a tenant. Unfortunately, I can only offer this free service on a short-term basis, meaning only one property viewing appointment to each rental client and/or party. Thank you for your courtesy and I look forward to helping you.