Highrise, Midrise, and Loft Living

How many of these casinos have been imploded for new development of Highrises?

Although there are a few highrise, midrise, and loft slyle buildings built, sometimes, many decades prior, the Las Vegas valley, like most metropolitan areas, during the 2000’s, began to explode vertically. From the extremely high end and luxurious units boasting panoramic views of the city and unique amnesties that will make your jaw drop, to everyday modest middle-class living, below are a list of the projects currently underway or ready for immediate occupancy throughout the valley. Each of these newer projects has their own websites, however, do not register with the project developers or you will be excluded from being represented by Bellile and Associates as registration will nullify any commission a developer will offer any Realtor (Please Note: this developer policy is in effect for new home sales as well). Keep in mind, bringing a Realtor will allow you to compare the new inventory with existing inventory (often having huge discrepancies in price) much more effectively, be able to negotiate a better price, terms, and conditions of the sale, and also allow free representation against the developers. Highrise living in Las Vegas is a trendy, exciting, unique way of life, like no other conventional real estate. Come see what all the fuss is about!

  1. Boca Raton (Palm Beach Resort)
  2. Manhattan
  3. Park Avenue
  4. Loft 5
  5. One Las Vegas (2 towers)
  6. #1 through 5 are located in area 303 on the MLS Map in the South of the Valley

  7. Panorama Towers 1,2,and 3
  8. (NOTE: Panorama 3 is now called ‘The Martin’)

  9. City Center
    1. Aria
    2. Vdara
    3. Veer Towers (2 towers)
    4. Mandarin Oriental
    5. MGM Signature (3 Towers)
    6. Palms Place
    7. Westgate @ Planet Hollywood
    8. Trump Towers
    9. Sky Las Vegas
    10. Allure Tower
    11. Turnberry Towers
    12. Turnberry Place (4 Phases)
    13. Jockey Club
    14. Cosmopolitan

    #6 through #17 are located in areas 501, 502, 503, 301 & 302 of the MLS Map in the center of the Valley. These highrises are what most people consider ‘The Strip’ highrises. All are built post 2000 except for Jockey Club. About half of these highrises are attached to a major casino.

  10. Regency Towers (28 Story built in 1974)
  11. Metropolis
  12. Platinum Hotel
  13. Marie Antoinette
  14. Royal Crest Circle (5 story built in 1976)
  15. Wimbleon (11 story built in 1975)
  16. #18 through #23 are located in areas 301 & 302 of the MLS Map in the center of the Valley. These highrises are off the strip. None of these projects are attached to a casino.

  17. Juhl
  18. Soho Lofts
  19. Newport Lofts
  20. Streamline Tower (The Ogden)
  21. #24 through #27 are located in area 301 of the MLS Map in the center of the Valley. These highrises are all built post 2005 and are known as the “Old Strip” highrises as they are located only a few blocks from Fremont Street in downtown. None of these projects are attached to a casino.

  22. C2 Lofts
  23. One Queensridge Place (2 towers)
  24. #28 are #29 are located in areas 502 and 404 of the MLS Map in the northwest Las Vegas (Summerlin). These projects are both very high end and are not attached to a casino.

  25. Manhattan West
  26. Vistana Condominiums
  27. Loftworks
  28. #30 are #32 are located in areas 502 and 504 of the MLS Map in the west and southwest Las Vegas. These projects are not attached to a casino.

  29. Luna D
  30. Viera
  31. #33 and #34 are located in area 603 of the MLS Map around Lake of Las Vegas, an exclusive, destination resort consisting of two golf courses and three hotels (one of them is a casino) approximately 20 miles to the east from Las Vegas Boulevard.

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