New Construction

Ahhhhhhhhhh newwwwwwwww… whether it’s that creative feeling you get from possessing a clean slate that you control the power to mold into your personalized unique tastes or the peace of mind you get by acquiring something with a warranty or, even, simply avoiding ‘someone else’s problems’ by not taking over ownership of property formally owned by a stranger, there’s something to be said about buying anything new. As experienced real estate experts, my team of professionals and I can host tours of multiple construction sites built by a variety of new home builders throughout the valley in order to give our clients a true apples to apples comparison of what home works best for their individual needs.

As you will see, each of these home builders has their own, customized, strengths and weaknesses, such as affordability, design, construction materials, incentives programs, and a variety of other measurable factors that vary greatly from builder to builder. As buyers of new construction, by bringing a Realtor, you will have representation instead of going it alone against each builder (don’t ever be fooled into thinking a builder is representing you and your desires, THEY ARE NOT!). Most of the time, this representation by a Realtor is absolutely free (if not, it will be explained to you well in advance), yet an accomplished Realtor’s expertise will always save you time and will almost always save you a significant amount of money and headaches.

Lastly, although each new home builder has their own websites you may feel compelled to navigate to for in-depth information and each builder also allows and encourages wondering drivers to freely come into their construction sites, DO NOT register on their websites, or in person, without the presence of your Realtor representation, or you will have just waived your right to representation with that individual developer, as the builder will no longer honor commission payments to any real estate expert who would have represented you.

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