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Holding property is, arguably, the most lucrative phase for generating cash in real estate. It is also, usually, the longest phase, by and large, many times over in length than the other wealth building phases, sometimes extending decades and beyond.

The big question is, who do you trust to watch over your assets during this time? If youíre not going to do it all yourself and donít have family and/or friends in the area, finding a trustworthy property manager is TOUGH. Even if you have someone trustworthy readily available, itís also questionable if youíd like to take on the burden of being a direct landlord for many reasons.

Perhaps itís now been years holding your real estate and itís now simply time to sell your property. After years of usage, does the property look the same? Does it fit into the modern times you are trying to sell it in, which will capture the attention of the majority of buyers? Does your listing agent understand fixing minor issues prior to marketing your property may not only acquire a buyer within a much shorter time, but also put multiple times over the cost of these repairs or upgrades into your pocket?

I am a licensed property manager, however, unlike a holding property manager, I specialize in the crucial stage between a purchase or a sale listing and getting a property ready for its next occupants. (Please see my Tips and Blogs section for numerous texts, pictures, and videos of my many projects.) I consult with my clients, assist in design, and ensure specialized contractors are motivated to finish a restoring or remodeling job ASAP, to quality standards, and at reasonable prices.

Once a property is completely ready for occupancy, I turn my clients over to a quality holding property manager to begin marketing operations to secure a quality tenant or I personally list that property on the market for resale. Whether purchasing property or selling property, putting in the extra effort to restore and/or remodel it can lead to a large amount of benefits. Letís face reality, especially in tough markets, itís hard, if not, next to impossible, to sell or rent properties that arenít Ďprettyí for top dollar. In many cases, youíll spend a lot of time and endure a lot of stress listing a property in order to hear nothing, but crickets or, sometimes worse yet, have buyers and/or renters constantly negotiating everything on their terms for pennies on the dollar of what you, as the owner, are expecting. Plus, whatís really cool, not only will restoring or remodeling normally put more cash into your pocket, it will improve the quality of life of the new occupants and improve the overall neighborhood as well. Itís a big WIN-WIN scenario.

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