Assisted Living Communities

Unlike most Realtors, being a fully certified Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES), we offer a special service to my advanced senior aged clients, finding them creditable assisted living facilities to move to. We will actually set up tours of several facilities for our senior clients or loved ones, if they prefer, to view and compare in order to make the best decision for them.

These facilities have absolutely huge ranges in a variety of different areas to include, but not limited to: levels of care, large private living areas, complimentary gourmet restaurant/menu style eating, complimentary bars, large private rooms for family gatherings, complimentary shuttles (even limos), organized functions, pools, gyms, parks, billiard rooms, and an almost endless array of other amenities.

Get any ill images out of your head now, these facilities, in many aspects; mesh the best parts of home ownership with living in an actual multi-star rated vacation resort. They are definitely not your conventional "nursing homes" and you'll probably be pleasantly surprised with eyes wide open when we show you just one; we know we were for the first time.

Don't want to go it alone? Many of these facilities allow spouses to come and share rooms too at discounted rates! There's no reason the "golden years" can't be just that

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